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Sydney's premium energy efficient home builder

With over 35 years' experience building healthy, energy efficient homes in Japan; Ichijo Homes brought the experience and unique designs to Australia, setting up their head office in Sydney, New South Wales. Read more

The last three years has seen us grow to be one of the only home builders to provide you with Asthma Council approved 'healthy homes' as well as designing and constructing our houses to reduce your energy bills - you could save as much as 50% off your regular annual costs of heating and cooling your home.

The Ichijo Homes Difference means our houses are built...

  • To save you money on energy bills
  • Using high quality external finishes
  • To be 'healthy'
  • To have high future resale value

...And we use the best materials and products. To read more of what makes us different, click here

For more information on what makes our homes so unique or to book a consultation, call us today on 1300 424 456 or make an enquiry online.